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To assist qualified organizations within the state of Idaho in acquiring non-medical/emergency MGS, the Idaho Department of Administration is consolidating demand and purchasing large quantities of MGS to distribute throughout the state.

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Request Forms

If your organization is qualified and has a need for MGS, please complete the applicable Supply Request Form. Please limit orders to one month’s supply so that inventory is available for all qualified organizations.


Due to the strain on the global supply chain, we cannot guarantee immediate availability. However, our goal is to have enough inventory to meet your needs as quickly as possible.


  • N95 and KN95 MasksLow Inventory
    • not available
  • Disposable MasksLow Inventory
    • quantity: 50 per box
    • minimum order: 1 box
    • price: not to exceed $50 per box
  • Cloth Reusable MasksLow Inventory
    • quantity: 5 per bag
    • minimum order: 1 bag
    • price: not to exceed $35 per bag

GlovesLow Inventory

  • material: nitrile
  • sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large
  • quantity: 100 pairs per box
  • minimum order: 1 box
  • price: not to exceed $10 per box

SanitizerLow Inventory

  • material: alcohol-based in various viscosities
  • quantity: 1 gallon per container
  • minimum order: 1 gallon
  • price: not to exceed $25 per gallon
  • shipping: orders larger than 1 gallon might incur higher shipping charges

High Inventory
Medium Inventory
Low or No Inventory

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