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1. What is MGS support?
MGS stands for “mask, gloves, sanitizer.” The Idaho Department of Administration is leading an effort to distribute MGS to non-medical/emergency state agencies, political subdivisions (cities, counties and governmental entities) and K-12 schools. Currently, MGS supplies are difficult to source. So, many clients are challenged to obtain needed MGS—particularly in small quantities. In the current MGS market, sourcing large quantities is prevalent because the market is highly competitive as a result of the supply shortages created by the pandemic. To assist clients with non-medical/emergency MGS orders, the Idaho Department of Administration will source and distribute MGS throughout the state when it is available.

2. Who can get MGS support?
Non-medical or emergency-support state agencies, political subdivisions and K-12 schools. Medical and emergency organizations receive this support from their local health districts and the Idaho Office of Emergency Management.

3. Are we being charged for these MGS supplies?
State agencies and political subdivisions will be invoiced cost and shipping. K-12 schools will not be charged for cost, sales tax or shipping. Political subdivisions as well as state agencies are all being charged the same amount. The amount being charged is just to cover costs to the Department of Administration (DOA). The DOA is not a business and not making any profits through this program. The MGS program has been set up to offer support to those having difficulties finding the supplies they need to keep their employees and volunteers safe and healthy.

4. What type of MGS is being sourced?

  • Masks – Disposable and cloth reusable (N95 and KN95 masks are not available)
  • Gloves – Nitrile in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Sanitizer – Alcohol based in various viscosities and volumes
  • Additional items specifically for K-12 schools.

5. Isn’t MGS simply PPE?
MGS is a subcategory of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  The MGS support program will not provide other PPE items such as Tyvek suits, face shields, and N95/KN95 masks.

6. How does the MGS support work?
First step is to register and create a customer account before placing an order, which will help curtail the fraudulent orders we have received. Once the customer account has been approved, the client will be able to create an order. The Department of Administration will address requests on a first come, first serve basis. Extenuating circumstances may necessitate a different fulfillment priority on a case-by-case basis. There is no written or implied guarantee that requests will be fulfilled. Everything will be done to ensure MGS is available for all requests, but MGS is in heavy demand and supply is short. So, available inventory is not guaranteed. If a requested item is not available in inventory, the Idaho Division of Purchasing will attempt to source it in the marketplace.

7. Once I submit a request, can I track the status of it?
To review your orders, click on “Your Account” after you login. Then click on “Your Orders” on the left side of the screen and here you will see your orders and the status of each.

8. Will I get exactly the MGS I request in the quantities requested?
The Department of Administration will do its best to fulfill all requests with the types and quantities of MGS requested. Though, the supply of MGS in the marketplace is very limited. So, there may be situations where MGS is provided, but is not exactly as requested. For example, disposable 3-ply masks may be provided when reusable cloth masks are requested. It is the Department of Administration’s goal to provide MGS in the form that it is available.

9. Is the quality of the MGS guaranteed?
The Department of Administration will do everything possible to ensure only the highest quality MGS is being sourced and distributed. Though, there are no guarantees on the functionality or durability of the MGS obtained through the program.

10. When will I receive an invoice for my order?
The invoice is normally emailed to you from the Department of Administration, PO Box 83720, Boise, ID  83720-0004, within 1 – 3 business days after the order is mailed to you. In the order you will receive a packing slip that details what was shipped to you. This is not the final invoice.

11. Should I check with the school district first to make sure they have not placed an order?
Yes. Please make sure to communicate with the school district before submitting your order to make sure they have not already submitted one.

12. As a Charter School, which type of account should I use when I register?
Register as “K-12 Schools”.

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