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Guidelines for implementation of Executive Order No. 2020-09:

Establishing a Program To Procure and Distribute Personal Protective Equipment To Idaho Businesses and Nonprofits

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must be a business or non-profit with a physical location in Idaho that employed no more than 50 employees or volunteers in Idaho, as of February 15, 2020 and have been unable to obtain reasonable amounts of non-medical protective equipment needed to resume Idaho operations. Orders are limited to a quantity of supplies reasonably expected to assist in the delivery of services for a thirty-day period. Product received must be used solely for the operation of the applicant’s business or non-profit and not be offered for resale.

The Department will evaluate the criteria through self-certification that will be made available on the web site. Routine review of orders will be done by the program manager and anomalies will be further evaluated. The program manager may use any legal method available to verify eligibility including making direct contact with the applicant. The program manager may reject any order if a determination is made that the applicant does not meet eligibility standards. Appeals may be made to the Director of the Department of Administration whose decision will be final.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance:

If an applicant certifies that the business or non-profit meets the eligibility requirements above AND cannot afford the necessary supplies to re-open and operate their Idaho operations, they may receive the product free of charge. Eligibility will be determined through self-certification. The Department reserves the right to reject requests for assistance. Appeals will be made to the Director of Administration whose decision will be final.


Applicants will be invoiced an amount necessary to re-capture the average cost to the Department of the product delivered that shall include the allocated direct cost of delivering the product including, but not limited to, contract labor used for operation of the program, supplies necessary for shipping, and the actual cost of freight for delivery to the applicant’s physical
location. “Not to Exceed Pricing will be posted on the website. Product and program costs will be evaluated periodically, and Not-to-Exceed Pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

The Department will seek reimbursement from CARES Act funds for product provided through the financial assistance provision. The reimbursement requested will be based on the pricing criteria above at the time the product is shipped to the applicant.


Orders will generally be filled on a first in, first out basis. In the event there is a shortage of product or more requests are received than can reasonably be filled, the Department may allocate: 1) proportionately, by reducing each order to allocate product, 2) by substitution of product if an equivalent is available, ex. disposable masks in place of cloth, 3) by demonstrated need by request to the Department, 4) or by any other means that maximizes the impact of the State’s Rebound effort.

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